Merch & MORE available on the boat!

​​​​1. AFTERNOON TRIP 5 hour

$450 for 1 or 2 anglers total

​$50 each to add more, 6 max


Channel Catfish/Smallmouth/Multi-Species

Bass or channels is what we target, but anything can happen on the afternoon trips!  We  fish with artificial lures or live bait for bass depending on your experience level and/or preference. When booking tell me your preference, channels or bass. If you want bass, tell me if you want to fish with artificials or live bait.  Note, if you're booking this trip for children, I highly recommend the live bait option, as it will get more fish with less angler effort, typically more fish species and the children really seem to enjoy it. Adults too, but Just making the suggestion strongly for kids. 

​ If you do the combo trip (see below) this trip would be your first half.

Tipping is never expected but is always appreciated.

2. Night Trip 5 Hour

 $500 for 1 or 2 anglers total

$50 each to add more, 6 max 


Flathead Catfish/Channel Catfish

This is by far the most popular trip and it fills fast. Book early if you want a seat on the Mad Catter at night!





*Max of 6 anglers, can not exceed combined 1,400lbs

Children under 16 free with paying adults

Harrisburg to Marietta, determined/disclosed at booking.​​​

IMPROVED FOR 2024 WITH NO PRICE INCREASE! This one needs a totally clear date on the calendar, book early! 


Add a flat $300 to your

 5 hour NIGHT trip head count total,

2pm-12am w/1 hour "Ship to Shore" Break

Catfish the whole time or

Bass, multi-species half/cat half.

We meet up at 2pm, head out for your choice of bass, cats or multi-species. Your trip, your way! Then around 6:30pm, we take a Ship to Shore, 1 hour break. You and your family can walk up and enjoy some dinner, refreshing cold drinks, or enjoy your packed dinner on your tailgate, or soak up some A/C while you charge your phones in the car.  Whatever you want or need to make the second half of the trip more comfortable. After the 1 hour break, after everyone is recharged, has hit the facilities and such, we head back out for the night cat session!  This trip was always a 9 hour combo trip, for the same price. But I observed people wanting/needing a break between sessions but not wanting to cut into their time/cost. The price has stayed exactly the same. I've simply added an hour to give that desired break, that I think will benefit us all. Especially on those brutal hot summer days. This trip was always very popular as it was. I hope this only makes it better for folks!