booking your trip is easy! check the calendar below, if the time slot and trip you are looking for isn't claimed, its yours!

My response time.......apologies in advance!

after we have communicated about your trip, i will add your name to the calendar & give instructions on mailing a deposit. non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is $50 dollars in the form of a check. this deposit guarantees your night. i do not add other people to your trip. if you book for 2 people, the boat will only have 2 people. ect.

BreakLine Blue: April of 2019, you can flip ahead and see what is still available..slots are filling fast, everyone that has booked is booking multiple days! Thanks

i do not answer my phone when I'm with clients, so getting me in person can be tricky during the active season.  Catfish trips end around 1AM, i load up, I live an hour from the river and wash and prep the boat after every trip for whatever trip is next. Sometimes I go directly from a cat trip to a early morning bass trip at a different location, sometimes rolling from that right into an afternoon bass trip or trying to sleep a few hours before that same nights cat trip. what i'm getting at is, if I don't answer my phone, please leave a voicemail, and i will get back to you,there will likely be a delay if you need a phone response and don't want called at 4am when i finish work, it will happen when i wake up.  please be patient with me. I am never ignoring my phone. If i am available, I will answer. But, Email is always best, as I can respond at anytime, without disturbing your sleep, because i hear some people sleep at night haha. thank you for understanding!

you can email me using the form on this page to let me know what date you want.