If a date only says "AFTERNOON BOOKED", then only the AFTERNOON trip is BOOKED. In which case, the NIGHT trip would still be available. If a date only says "NIGHT BOOKED," then only the NIGHT trip is BOOKED. Meaning the AFTERNOON trip is still available. If a date says +2, if you click that +2, you will see that it means that the NIGHT and AFTERNOON are both TAKEN, that means no trips remain that day. If a date says "COMBO BOOKED."  That also means NO MORE TRIPS are available that day, because the Combo trip is the afternoon AND night trip combined, for one party. 

Once you find an open spot, use the form to let me know what date/trip-species/time slot you would like, your head count, if anyone is under 16 and a phone number. The response will come from  Make sure all of the requested info ‚Äčis in on the form, I will respond within 48h. Check SPAM folder. After we have communicated about/confirmed your trip, I will give instructions on mailing your deposit. Which is a non-refundable, non-date transferable deposit of $50 dollars in the form of a check. 

See Rules and Conditions for everything you need to know, to decide if I'm the Captain for you and your crew!