NOW BOOKING 2019 River & Bay Trips!

Booking your trip is easy! Check the calendar below, if the time slot and trip you are looking for isn't claimed, its yours! If you see there is a morning trip booked, then the night is available. Vice Versa. If it says booked all day, then no trips are available.

After we have communicated about your trip, I will add your name to the calendar & give instructions on mailing a deposit. non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is $50 dollars in the form of a check. This deposit guarantees your night.

NOTE APRIL 19-may 19 I am full time living and operating at the bay, I will be going into town to check/respond to emails and VM twice a day, but otherwise I will not have service on the island. you must leave a message or email me. 

you can email me using the form on this page to let me know what date you want.