After we have communicated about your trip, I will add your name to the calendar & give instructions on mailing a deposit. non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is $50 dollars in the form of a check. This deposit guarantees your night.


2021 was very is not too early to reserve your spot now.

See the calendar to view what dates and time slots are available. Please email me using the form on this page to let me know what date/time slot you want, also include a phone number.  


I respond to EVERY booking inquiry within 24 hours. So if you do not see a response, it has gone to junk/spam folder. The email will come from JAIME​ Look for it! Thanks!

A very common question I am asked is, when is a good time? I spend a lot of time on the water, in all conditions to have the knowledge at hand to have success for flatheads from mid April-October and Bass, March-October. Since 2011, running, honestly I don't know how many trips, hundreds...we have had 5 trips we haven't caught fish on. As I'm sure you can imagine, I remember every time vividly and the circumstances. I worked harder those nights than ever and they were the longest drives home. No one wants you to catch fish with me more than me, not even that again. Dates fill fast, try not to worry about the best time and get your slot reserved so we can go catch some fish! 

See Rules and Conditions for everything you need to know, to decide if I'm the Captain for you!