Email is more effective than the phone

you can email me using the form on this page to let me know what date you want. 

As a full time guide, I run trips for multiple species at really all hours. morning bass, afternoon bass, afternoon cats and night cats, and on the bay! This makes my life schedule hectic to say the least. I am also a mother of 4 little ones.  I am typically trying to catch sleep between trips, when normal people are active/awake, also I do not answer when with clients, or I'm trying to squeeze in some family time.  I do have voicemail, but I prefer email and I always reply as soon as I can.

After we have communicated about your trip, I will add your name to the calendar & give instructions on mailing a deposit. non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is $50 dollars in the form of a check. This deposit guarantees your night.

NOTE THERE ARE 2 weeks in 2019, one in JULY and one in AUGUST that are exclusive BREAKLINE BLUE offerings only!

NOW BOOKING FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2018 and 2019 Bay Trips!

Booking your trip is easy! Check the calendar below, if the time slot and trip you are looking for isn't claimed, its yours! If you see there is a morning trip booked, then the night is available. Vice Versa. If it says booked all day, then no trips are available.