*all passengers 16 or older must have PA Fishing License, whether they plan to fish or not

*MAX of 6 *anglers/combined anglers weights cannot exceed 1,400lbs
*Children under 16 are free with paying adults
*We are 100% catch and release, I covered that on the trip page.

*Smoking, cigarettes, cigars and vaping IS permitted.

*Strict no drug policy
*Keep drinks and food limited to one cooler. No glass. 

*Pack on what you pack off, bring a trash bag.  
*Dress accordingly. We fish RAIN or SHINE. 

It is always colder on the water at night. Bring sweatshirts, coats, blankets...whatever you need to be comfy. 

Alcohol IS permitted. Alcohol in moderation that is. No glass. Please be safe and respectful. Respectful to each other, my boat/equipment and me.  If you're not, I'll end your trip early, with no discounts or refunds.  

WE FISH RAIN OR SHINE​ Deposits are not returned and trips are not rescheduled for weather. If it is not too windy, there is a canopy on the boat. But rain gear is highly recommended. if we get storms, heavy winds or lightning those do take us off of the water. Safety is my first priority. We go right back out after the storm. Typically the post storm bite is worth the time missed from storms. ​​

* In the event of high water, the flow combined with debris, can be a very dangerous combo. There have been a few times over the years that trips have needed to be rescheduled due to unsafe high water. We live to fish another day. Many factors will determine my decision. Please know that if I decide your trip is a NO-GO and reschedule, or I say we are starting early or late due to storms, it is for your safety and best interest.

 Everyone 16 and over needs a PA fishing license. No trout, or additional stamps necessary. Click here to buy your license.