​​I'm Captain Jaime Hughes. Yes, I'm a real Captain, and Yes, its spelled J-A-I-M-E . I've been fishing the Susquehanna River and local waterways since I was a little girl in the 80's.  Fishing has been my life long passion. I've traveled all over, in and out of the country to target fish on my list. After many years of personal fishing and bass tournament fishing, I started a bank fishing club. That was when I learned my true TRUE passion was helping people fish. The smiles are awesome. The memories, priceless. Which all lead to what we know now as BreakLine Charters. Est 2011.


Did you know PA does not require a Captains License to be a guide on the Susquehanna River?  On-line boater safety course, CPR course, proof of insurance and a $100 permit is all you need. There are no boat inspections, background checks, drug tests, nothing. After working in other states and meeting many guides, I've learned it's very easy to get into guiding in this state compared to others. So, did I need to take it any further? No. It would have been so much more cost and time effective to just meet the minimums.  I just simply wanted more. I wanted the classroom education and big water experience working alongside seasoned Captains in different places and varying conditions. All of which would ultimately benefit my clients and myself. I went for it! It took awhile to accumulate all of my sea time, a lot of travel and time invested, as I needed 30 days for each endorsement. I didn't even need the additional endorsements for my Captains License. But as you get to know me you'll learn, I love to challenge myself and go big. Thankfully those 60 days did not need to be consecutive, only collective. I worked on Lake Ontario. Became great friends with the Captain. Him and his wife welcomed me into their lake house and family. So many great memories. He passed recently and is so missed. RIP CJ. For my offshore, I worked out of DE with a few Captains, from just 15-20 miles out, to 70+ miles out Canyons. I saw and learned so much. All the while completing the long list of other requirements, going to sea school and nailing my exams. In 2014. I earned my OUPV Six-Pack w/off-shore and Great Lakes endorsements. I'm also a member of the APCA, (American Professional Captains Association. Background checks, drug tests, and physicals are some of the things I need to do just to maintain my credentials. If you choose me to take your family out, you will be in very capable hands. 

Education and educating

Mechanicsburg Area High School Graduate. Class of 98. Focused on the science electives eventually completing AP BIO as a senior. I didn't really care about much else at school, didn't really like it.  I wanted to join the military. Was so dead set, head and heart. But my family wasn't in favor and I graduated too young to sign myself in. So I just got addicted to working. As an adult, I developed this urge to want to learn, a fire ignited that I didn't know even existed in me. Thankfully with so many on-line courses available, I've been able to further my education and run my business at the same time. Of all that I've taken, my favorite was one offered by Open2Study. Marine and Antarctic Science. Based out of UTAS. (Tasmania)  So much material and Australian professors made it fun too. 

I was a member of the Fishing Consortium ran by the now late and always legendary Lee Snyder. He chose what he determined as species specific experts to sit along side him in a traveling discussion panel. I was of course, catfish. We had trout. Walleye. Musky. I was lucky to be chosen to sit next to such established anglers in their fields. Picked up some priceless knowledge myself. 

Public speaking is a blast! I do a good number of seminars a year. Both public at shows and stores and private organizations. I've presented as far away as at the Catfish Conference in Kentucky. You can see that video on my homepage. I do events for scouts, schools, bass clubs, etc. Career days are very fun. Kids think I have a pretty cool job. I do too. I love working with kids. 

My Book

What started as a small corner stapled black and white pamphlet, over the years morphed into a professionally printed and bound magazine style booklet. It shares the same title as my seminar, "Tips and Techniques For Monster Catfish." The book has been well received and has sold over 100 copies. It is sold only in person at shows. I also keep copies in the truck just in case someone on the boat wants one. They are only $10 each and are packed with all sorts of information to help put people on more fish, 

"Off Season" Jaime

That just means I'm "ON" some where else. I don't take 6 months off. As member of Clam Outdoors Ice Team, I travel a lot over the winter. Doing demo's and presentations. And getting on ice as much as possible. I'm a very avid and passionate ice anger. I was both shocked and honored as all get out to be asked to join Clam Outdoors, Thinking why me? A girl from PA, the state of "iffy" ice. Don't know IF we will get it, or IF it'll last or hold. Well, I think it may have to do with my safety first attitude and exploding passion. Having someone here, where it really is a tricky sport, that can promote the safety and products of the sport is huge. I try to spread the word on the ice, in tackle shops and on social media as much as possible. I also work in a ski shop, I've done it for over 20 years now. My focus at the shop is boot fitting. I make orthotics and do custom work for ski/snowboard boots and athletic/everyday footwear. Stance evaluations. 3-D scanning are just part of my every day, all winter long. Helping people ski/ride/walk better and feel better, from the feet up. 

My daughter

My biggest life accomplishment though, is being a Mom. This is my daughter Ashleigh with me in these photos. She fished a lot with me over the years, she's a skilled angler and knows her way around the boat. She even mated for me on the bay! But she has moved on to pursue her passion. She is a PSIA Certified Ski Instructor. Great teacher, beautiful skier. Senior in High School and currently deciding on a college. I'm incredibly proud of her and so proud to be her mom!