New for 2024, Ladies On-Water Clinics! 2 per month! Dates will be announced on FB, and will be first come first serve! They will be open to individual ladies and a max of 6. You will communicate individually with me. There has been a massive positive response to this. I worked on it for over a year, with the help of 12 amazing lady volunteers. Together we found a way to address a lot of concerns ladies have in this industry. I'm doing my part, using my position and knowledge to help my fellow lady anglers and aspiring lady anglers. So you can feel comfortable, confident and be knowledgeable not just next to the water but also when you walk into the tackle shop. THIS IS OUR TIME LADIES! 

As well as the on-water clinics which are a pay offering for ladies 16 and over with a valid PA fishing license. I also have a number of tackle shops and big sporting goods stores to allowing me to do FREE in store Ladies Fishing Demos, which will be ALL AGE friendly! What could be better than getting young girls into the sport?! Please Follow BREAKLINE CHARTERS on FB for more info and dates and store locations!