See how tough these rods really are!

Kick'n Bass has an attractant for every kind of fish, and there isn't many baits that go out of the boat that don't have it on them. Stuff works!

i supply all of the rods, reels, bait and tackle you need FOR ALL TRIPS.

Down on the bay its all PENN for BreakLine

The Catch the Fever line up is BreakLines Choice for catfish rods and line!

Dales is a family owned shop in Louisiana that is making a big presence in the fishing world! With his inventory growing daily, he will have what you need for your catfish needs, maybe other fish as well...and the best lead pricing around!

It was an honor being a Pro Staff for Bass Pro from 2016-18, even though I stepped away, I will still use their products, because they work!

Need to see it to understand, click the logo to see this product in action, we use it for live bait on and off of the boat!

The Breakline "greenhorns"

Is this your first flathead? You get to wear them! Bob Clouser even did for his first one!

RIGRAPS keep me organized and ready to go on the water. Whether its catfish rigs, shark rigs, flounder, sabiki or any rig, theres a RIGRAP for it. Spend your time fishing, not rigging.

Each and every baitfish is caught before your trip on rod and reel,  kept healthy and ready to use in a living stream commercial bait tank

Catch the Fever, covers Slimeline fishing line, and Big Cat Fever. Rods. The Pro Staff I always dreamed of! This company is based out of NC and doesn't skimp on any of their products!