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Current boat record 44.5 pounds!

Congrats Jonathan, caught on 9/22/18

Awesome 37 pound Flathead Caught by Bob

on 8/19/17! Congrats Bob!

 MASSIVE 40 Pound

43" Flathead caught on 6/30/17!

Congrats Bryce!!


BreakLine has been putting smiles on the faces of anglers for years.  

Young, young at heart, avid fishermen, or folks that never caught a fish before,

everyone enjoys fishing with BreakLine Charters!


Recognized 2 years in a row "Best  of Mechanicsburg Award"

Captain Jaime Hughes

Offering a variety of trips 7 days/week year round! 

9 year old Blake's MONSTER

39 Pound 41" Flathead

caught on 8/5/17! Congrats Blake!

BEAUTIFUL 21" Smallie

Caught on 4/25/17!

Congrats Jen!!