kids under 16 fish for FREE on ALL trips with 2 paying adults

we are 100% catch and release

16 and over needs a pa fishing license

Tips are not expected, but are always appreciated



start times vary

5 hours $400 for 1 or 2 p,

$50 each to add more , 6 max

Combo Cats

Channel trip & Flathead trip!

Departs at 3:3opm-Returns at 12:30am

$575 for 1 or 2 p, $50 each

to add more, 6 max

Nighttime Cats 5 hours

Departs at 7:30pm-Returns at 12:30am

FLATHEADS!! Most popular trip!

$375 for 1 or 2 p, $50 each

to add more , 6 max

Smallmouth  Bass Trips

 *(PA Bass is Closed for spawn from 5/1-6/16) 

Trips run year round! As long as there is no ice on the river.

5 hours  $350 for 1 or 2 p,  $50 each to add more, 4 max

Afternoon Cats 5 hours

Departs at 2pm-Returns at 7pm

This trip targets channels but flatheads are possible.

$375 for 1 or 2 p, $50 each to

add more, 6 max

Catfish trips run May-November.

October/November cat trips differ slightly

See pricing and details below!

(Scroll to the bottom for BASS)


Those of you familiar with fall catfish need no explanation. For those that are not....flatheads aren't AS active in the cold months. They feed hard in the fall, then lay low til late Spring. The smaller ones are typically done stuffing themselves by the end of September. The big ones however, are on the prowl and feeding. This trip uses specialized gear, different techniques and baits, strictly targeting the big ones. There are no catch guarantees, but most of our Hog-Tobers have landed decent fish. This is not a quantity targeting trip, quality is our target. Bundle up, sit back with a hot chocolate and wait for your monster.


    many trips to choose from!  catfish bass


Trips are not cancelled and deposits are not refunded for rain. If there is a passing storm, we sit it out under the local park pavilion or in our cars, then head back out. Some of our best trips have been during and after heavy rains. In the event of high water, the flow combined with debris, can be a very dangerous combo. There have been a few times over the years that trips have needed to be rescheduled due to high water. We live to fish another day. Many factors will determine my decision. Please know that if I decide your trip is a NO-GO and reschedule, it is for your safety and best interest.