My presentations at your locations!

Private seminars start at $500, that covers group size max of 15 people and within 2 hours of 17055.

For larger groups or distances outside of that radius, modified rates will apply.

​Seminars should be booked 6 months in advance to secure a date.

2 main seminar options. For custom formats/different topic options, please inquire.

"Intro to Ice Fishing"

Presentation total time 2 hours. 

Ice Safety, reading ice, risks, 

un-seen hazards, Safety Gear, Clothing, 

Auger options, Electronics, Hub set up,

Gear, Lures, baits and presentations. 

See, touch and understand all of the tools to get you into the sport,

as well as leave with the knowledge to help keep you safe.

But remember, no ice is 100% safe. Its always risky, thats why we use safety equipment.

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 "Tips and Techniques For Monster Catfish"

Presentation total time 2 hours. 

1 hour seminar, 1 hour Q&A & Demos.​
*Free informational handouts with a note taking section. Gear/tackle passed around the room. 
Species education, feeding habits, spawning habits.

Rods, power/action, what's best for each species. Tackle/bait presentations.

Where to find the fish. Weather effects. Boat electronics. And MORE.
*Knot tying/rig building demos.

Books available at discounted rate at private events.