I had some truly wonderful seasons working down on Chincoteague bay. It was a tough call to make but I decided that 2020 would be the last one. Covid made it tricky for out of state charters. The timing to end was ok though. I started offering this mostly because our local PA bass WAS shut down locally for a window in Spring and I wanted to fill that time with something fun. People knew I knew my way around the bay from seeing my pictures from personal bay adventures over the years and had been bugging me to take them for awhile. Timing worked out to get it going when I did as well. It turned into a big deal fast in Chincoteague, with many trips and trip offerings. Starting with April flounder. Then onto one which was the first of its kind offered for hire down there, and one of my life-long personal favorites..night time sharking! First few seasons we got sideways looks at the ramp and always had the night bay all to ourselves. As soon as people found out how fun it was, not only did the sideways looks stop, but we weren't alone anymore either. The bay is full of sharks! Plenty for everyone and night time is a great time, from boat and shore! I'm happy to share my knowledge so you can be successful bay fishing. Just ask me on your charter here in PA, I'll tell you ALL you need to know to go down and catch yourself some mean toothy ones or yummy flounder! So, covid/logistics may have put an end to it all, but wonderful memories were made....and Spring Bass is back open on my home waters. Win-win!


Thank you to all of you that fished with me in beautiful Chincoteague. Thank you Captain Steves Bait and Tackle, for always taking such good care of my clients and I. So many great memories! I hope you can enjoy this album of some our catches.