I've been fishing the Susquehanna River and local lakes since I was a little girl in the 80's.  Fishing has been my life long passion. I've traveled all over, in and out of the country to target fish on my list. After many years of personal fishing and tournament fishing, I started a bank fishing club. That was when I learned my true TRUE passion was helping people fish. The smiles are awesome. The memories, priceless. In 2011 I started BreakLine. Multi-species trips on the river and lake.  After years of people seeing my personal photos and asking, I finally in 2018 started offering trips at my home away from home, Chincoteague VA.  I do very limited trips there for flounder as well as other bay species, and we do a shark week, which fills so fast its crazy. So I'm on the road and water a lot. When I'm not one of those places, I'm doing seminars or running kids fishing events. Kids are everything. I'm so proud of the lady my daughter is becoming. She doesn't love fishing as much as me, but she enjoy being out the water....frozen or not. When the water freezes, that is when we play catch up and have fun..on the slopes or the hard water Ice fishing, love ice fishing. I was given the nick name "Catfish Queen" on a charter with Bob Clouser. It has since stuck. I am a USCG Licensed Captain, holding permits in MD/VA/PA.

Captain Jaime Hughes