Hi! I'm Captain Jaime. Yep, its spelled J-A-I-M-E . I've been fishing the Susquehanna River and local lakes since I was a little girl in the 80's.  Fishing has been my life long passion. I've traveled all over, in and out of the country to target fish on my list. After many years of personal fishing and tournament fishing, I started a bank fishing club. That was when I learned my true TRUE passion was helping people fish. The smiles are awesome. The memories, priceless. Which all lead to what we know now as BreakLine Charters.

After years of people seeing my personal bay adventure photos and getting requests to run trips there, I finally started offering trips in Chincoteague VA.  I did trips there for flounder as well as other bay species, like SHARK! Several years on Chincoteague Bay created a lot of wonderful memories for my clients and I. For more about that, see "Bay Trips."

I really enjoy doing seminars and running kids fishing events. Education is important to me as an individual as well as helping others. I love learning and sharing my knowledge. Whether it is on my boat, on a stage or in a classroom. Working with kids is my absolute favorite.  If you're interested in having me speak at an event, let me know. 

 I put the boat away every November and switch careers. I've been doing it for over 20 years now and that's being a boot fitter. What is that? Well, I make sure people are in the right ski boots for their ability and physical needs, with proper selection and customization. Over the last 24 years, I've seen and worked with folks with all sorts of physical challenges that my expertise allows them to do something comfortably that otherwise they could maybe not do. It involves evaluation, modification with specific tools and a lot of focus. I also make custom supportive orthotics and not just for ski industry clientele, but everyday foot wear as well. Most people can benefit from proper support, it can be life changing.

Fishing and Feet! My brain is packed full of  knowledge of those two topics. Yes, I know that is weird. So, 3 seasons out of the year you will find me on the water. In the Winter you will find me ice fishing, or on the slopes or Mountainside Ski and Sports. I am very fortunate to have not one, but 2 jobs that I truly love. 

I'm also a Mom-Captain. This is my daughter Ashleigh with me in some of these photos. We hit the slopes together, skiing is her favorite thing. She isn't into fishing like me, but she still likes hanging out with me (I'm lucky.)  So we get out occasionally and make memories on the water together. I'm very proud of her! 

So, that's me! Hope I get to take you and your family fishing one day! 

~Captain Jaime