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Captain Jaime Hughes

Thank you for visiting my website, I'll see you on the water!!
~Captain Jaime Hughes

"The Catfish Queen"

I love what i do. nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients catch their own river monster...however.... I still enjoy catching fish myself every now and then......I have fished all over for so many species, Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, up and down the coast, the Great Lakes.

When time allows, I run away to my place in Chincoteague, where I target flounder, bluefish shark, and various other species. Fishing is my full time passion and my full time career.

Frozen water, fresh water, salt water...I fish it all.

When I'm not guiding or fishing you can usually find me doing seminars or camps at Bass Pro Shops Harrisburg, private fishing clubs, schools and similar organizations. 

I started a bank fishing club years back called, "catfish fridays." I would supply gear, bait, chairs, lights, the works, as well as instruction for those that wanted to give catfishing a try. People had so much fun at "catfish fridays" and I had so much fun getting people on fish, the gears started turning about becoming a guide. I went down to Santee Cooper SC and worked with a captain there to learn some tips about making my hobby and passion my living, he was a great mentor. The knowledge I gained there, combined with the experience I have acquired here since I was a kid, has proven very effective.

 I'm captain Jaime Hughes, aka "The Catfish Queen." USCG Licensed Captain, Owner and guide of BreakLine Charters, and Bass Pro Shops Harrisburg PA Local Pro.  I was given the "Catfish Queen" nickname years ago because I eat sleep and breathe catfishing. My dad got me addicted to catfishing when I was just a little girl. We would spend night after night scouring the river catching great numbers of channels. Then as time went by, flatheads appeared and they weren't just rumors anymore. the flathead catfish became my new target. I've spent all these years and countless hours learning their habits and the art
of catching them.

The state of PA does not make it mandatory to have a captains license to be a fishing guide, only a state guide permit. The training, the sea time, schooling, the medical training requirements, all of which necessary to become a licensed captain have made me a far more experienced, knowledgeable, alert person on the water. When you and your family are out with me, you can feel at ease knowing that my certifications meet and well exceed the state minimums, and your boat, the Mad Catter is safety checked annually. Safety is always my number one concern.
followed very closely by boating fish of course!!