Max of 6 people, Combined Angler weight cannot exceed 1,400 pounds

It is up to the Captain and their insurance policy whether alcohol is permitted. Although I do allow alcohol, my rules are very strict and will be enforced.

You must have AND display your valid PA fishing license if you are 16 or older.


Alcohol IS permitted. No glass on the boat. Be respectful and responsible. You are still in the United States when you are on my boat, therefore you must be 21 to drink.  I will check your ID. 

Safety is my number one priority. The river is dangerous. I need everyone to have solid footing, good reaction time, and functioning motor skills. Loud noise, such as music, yelling, stomping, dropping things, can deter the bite. The safety and fishing success on your trip depends on all of us being on our "A" game.

If ANY person gets to a point of intoxication which is compromising the trips safety and/or success, the trip ends early.

PAID IN FULL, No refunds or discounts.


Smoking, cigarettes, cigars and vaping IS permitted. Please plan on method of disposal. Nothing goes in the river.

Keep drinks and food limited to one cooler. No glass.

Pack on what you pack off. 

Dress accordingly. We fish RAIN or SHINE.  It is always colder on the water at night. Be prepared so you are comfortable.