on the boat MAX of 6 anglers /combined angler weight cannot exceed 1,400 pounds

Chincoteage Bay Virginia

Special limited trip offering! 


Summer time on the bay and surf is very exciting!

It opens up the offering to flounder, redfish, trout, rays, skates, bluefish, croaker, seabass and more!


1 week only

Trips available every day (multispecies) and night (SHARK)

JULY MON 15th-Sunday 21st


You could catch...Dusky, Sand Tiger, Sandbar and more!  We do not bring sharks into the boat, photos taken at the side. Some exceptions depending on size. Regardless of size and species ALL BreakLine caught sharks are catch and release.

SPRING of 2019

Running April 20th-MAY 17th, 7 days a week!

This is PRIME TIME flounder. Offering FULL TIME trips during this time!

See calendar for available dates!

​All bay trips are 5 hours, $450 flat rate

​6 anglers max

Booked trips are not guaranteed to happen on the boat.

Weather determines whether a trip can happen on the boat. In the event that I cannot take you out on the boat, we still meet and fish. I will make sure you still enjoy your time at Chincoteague and Assateague with guided land based fishing. If we are experiencing rough water, winds, ect, we will do your trip on the island, an adventure. (providing all fishing gear/bait/chairs/instruction of course) 

I've got all of the gear and knowledge I will share with you, to assure you have a blast whether you're on the boat or the island!

( fishing license is necessary for land based trips, but not on the boat)